Cookie Policy

Last revised on June 2022 The sole purpose of using cookies on the Wellness360 website is to secure your personal details submitted on the website and to improve the user experience efficiency on our website. If your browser is set up to accept cookies, all the relevant non-personally identifiable information that uses these cookies or page tags will be collected.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small information files that can be embedded in the website and can be downloaded on your browsing device to identify your web browser and other navigational activities performed on your device. It helps in identifying and distinguishing genuine visitors to provide an efficient user experience, based on the navigation history.

What are Page Tags?

Also referred to as web beacons or gif tags, the Page Tags are web tools that are used to track and mark website pages, along with other web page or email usage information, like the number of page visits, email views, etc. Page tag data are invisible, and they can be embedded in our emails, newsletters, or website pages.

Does Wellness360 use Cookies?

Yes, Wellness360 uses cookies on the website pages to ensure a personalized experience and to assist you with easier website services where you will not have to re-enter your personal details every time you use the Wellness360 website. The cookies allow us to monitor your usage of the Wellness360 website, allowing us to offer the content relevant to your interests and to improvise the customer journey. However, this cookie policy is only limited to the usage of the Wellness360 website and its services. Other third-party advertisements, websites, or services, on the Wellness360 website, do not govern the terms of this cookie policy. Clicking on the third-party links, advertisements, or media will be at the sole responsibility of the user.

Should I accept these Cookies?

It is not mandatory to accept website cookies. If you do not want the cookies to collect and store your data, you can reject them or change browser settings to disable them. However, upon rejecting cookies, certain services on the website may not work properly or some functions may be halted since the cookies pertaining to that part of the website may be turned off. Also, turning off cookies on the website may compromise the security of your details submitted on the website. Click on the relevant links below for a better understanding of how these cookies work on your specific browsers – The cookies used on the Wellness360 website are broadly classified into 4 major categories – Strictly Necessary Cookies – These cookies are required for the regular functioning of the website, to access secure website areas, retrieving previous visit information, and help with user navigation. Rejecting these cookies may affect the back-end services or other functional services of the website. Performance Cookies – These cookies help in improving website performance by collecting information about user visits and their navigational behavior. These cookies help in –
  • Estimating website visitors
  • Identifying website visitors
  • Evaluating user actions
  • Checking error messages
  • Improving user experience
All the data collected by the performance cookies will be anonymous or pseudonymous, and no personal information will be collected. Targeting Cookies – Targeting or advertising cookies deliver the needed content based on the user’s navigational behavior. The content may include advertiser’s online ads, automated emails, and other features prompting any direct communications as per your browsing interests. Third-Party Cookie Providers – The most common third-party cookies include –
  • Google Analytics – They are performance cookies required to improve user experience by optimize search results and track web analytics.
  • Freshdesk – The Freshdesk cookies help in controlling FAQ and support systems based on user navigation of the support and FAQs page.
Wellness360 collects all the relevant non-personal data from Internet log files, including browser types, domain details, and other anonymous information that involve the use of the Wellness360 website. All this information will be collected only to study the browsing trends, collect demographic data, and personalize the user experience based on the visits and navigation on the Wellness360 website. Also, the performance of the website and its services will be constantly evaluated through these cookies.