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With over a decade of experience, we are dedicated to empowering employers, healthcare providers, benefit consultants, and health plans through personalized programs, white-labeled platforms, and data-driven insights

Platform Features

Health Assessment

Gain valuable insights into your population health with customized assessments. Learn more.

Health Journeys

Create curated programs targeting specific health objectives. Learn more.

On-Demand Classes

Enable your population to learn from with bite-sized modules on diverse wellness topics. Learn more.

Content Hub

Rich repository of enlightening articles, engaging videos, and helpful resources. Learn more.

Activity Tracker

Enable users to keep activity levels in check while tracking every milestone effortlessly. Learn more.

Health Habbits

Forge and reinforce healthy lifestyles with interactive daily practices. Learn more.


Rollout immersive wellness challenges that fosters friendly competition and fellowship. Learn more.

Seamless Integrations

Sync popular fitness gadgets and apps for a unified tracking experience. Learn more.

Social Hub

Foster a sense of community and companionship by enabling peer-to-peer interaction with like-minded wellness enthusiasts. Learn more


Enrich learning through webinars and live events brimming with insights. Learn more

Incentive Management

Motivate with tangible rewards and crush collective wellness goals. Learn more.

Engagement Boosters

Embrace gamification to spice up daily motivation. Learn more.

Personalized Dashboard

Visualize achievements with a dashboard that echoes personal journey. Learn more.

Centralized Controls

Easy administrative controls for program administrators. Learn more.

Real-time Reporting

Harness insightful analytics to measure program impact. Learn more. 

Health Engagement Platform

Seamlessly oversee every facet of your organization’s wellness endeavors. Learn more. 

Executive Dashboard

Offer key stakeholders high-level perspectives of the program at a glance. Learn more. 

Why Wellness 360

Robust Technology

Latest corporate wellness technology for a constantly evolving platform.

End-To-End Solution

Modular system and custom options for complete wellness solutions.

Flexible Incentives

Reward program that adapts to your company's budget and employee interests.

Essentials Focused

Optimized to target the essentials areas like nutrition, activity, and habits that drive maximum impact.

Engaging Programs

Countless campaigns, challenges, and personalized programs with regular content updates.

Dedicated Support

End-to-end support from planning and launch to ongoing communication and guidance.


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