Corporate Wellness Apps for Workplace Well-Being

Rising employer focus on employee well-being underscores the importance of dedicated corporate wellness apps. These interactive tools engage employees, track progress, and foster a healthy workplace culture, reducing healthcare costs.
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Corporate Wellness Apps

The recent few years have seen a rise in the employers prioritizing employee health and wellbeing, and implementation of corporate wellness programs. Studies have shown that when workers are disengaged, unhappy, or unhealthy, it impacts employee productivity and overall business growth. To reduce healthcare costs and employee turnover rates, employers must provide the right resources and employee benefits.

Since employee engagement is the key to the success of corporate wellness programs, employers must focus on the right employee engagement strategies . One of the proven and rewarding engagement strategies that help employees and employers track wellness program progress is by offering corporate wellness apps.

There are plenty of fitness, health and wellbeing apps in the wellness industry, which may not help much to engage employees and manage the workplace wellbeing programs. That is why it is crucial to have dedicated corporate wellness apps for your wellness programs. A well-designed workplace wellness app offers a digital outlet for the employees to improve their wellbeing, on the go, thus reducing the healthcare costs and building a healthy workplace culture.

The modern-day employee wellness apps are designed to cater to the different holistic wellness dimensions. In addition to the ease of use, these apps are more interactive with the users, making them the perfect option to improve employee health and wellbeing. Owing to these benefits, there has been a growing demand for corporate wellness programs too. A Shortlister study showed that 60% of organizations prefer corporate wellness programs that offer a good employee wellness app.

What Are Employee Wellness Apps?

The market has an overabundance of 100,000 workplace apps, and they can be great self-supporting worksite wellness tools for fitness, nutrition, step count, distance traveled, sleep minutes, and pretty much everything. Regardless of what the apps track, they are all focused ultimately on the health and wellbeing prospects only. Well-designed employee wellness programs offer a robust wellness platform that can manage health risk assessment (HRA), biometric screenings, device and app integration, health coaching, wellness challenges, and other comprehensive health improvement modules. Good workplace apps must be able to do everything that a wellness program platform does. Wellness programs use cloud-based solutions to administer and manage wellness challenges and other initiatives. A good worksite wellness tools must be able to sync with the web-based systems and give the same outcomes that one can get from using a web-based wellness platform. Incorporating mobile wellness applications into the employee benefits management platform makes it easier for workers to participate and engage in wellness programs and voluntary benefits. These mobile wellness applications extend the value of the wellness program and benefits management platform by bringing all the employee benefits to a single robust workplace platform. MyHealthPlus app is the mobile version of Wellness360’s corporate wellness platform. Built with the latest corporate wellness technology, this comprehensive workplace app makes it easier for employees to log their exercise and nutrition data, connect their fitness device or app, track real-time progress, start wellness challenges or healthy habits programs, earn rewards, and carry out other wellness activities.

The Rise of Health and Wellness Apps

A Sensor Tower study reveals an expected 42% rise in the global installs of health and wellness apps. It is anticipated that compared to 730 million in 2019, there will be more than a billion global installs by 2021 end.

The key goal of company wellness programs is to promote employee health and wellbeing, reflecting better operational efficiency and workplace welfare. As organizations are reconsidering their notion of employee wellbeing, a mobile workplace app is the best way to achieve it. A mobile app makes it easier for employees to learn, participate, and monitor their company wellness program, engage in wellness challenges, earn reward points, and track their daily progress. In addition to making it fun and handy for employees, the apps also make it easy for employers to keep track of their employees’ health and wellbeing.

Corporate wellness applications have become an essential element of most workplace wellbeing programs. As organizations are following a holistic approach that focuses on physical, mental, emotional, financial, and social health, their sustainability is highly dependent on having a suitable corporate wellness apps.

With the rapid rise in the corporate health sector, having a sophisticated and robust mobile application that is compatible with the latest software and technology can be the crucial element leading to the success of your workplace program.

Essential Features of Health and Wellness Apps

For health and wellness apps to execute all the required wellness program modules, they must be designed keeping in mind a few key elements and features.

Privacy Components

Privacy is a major concern when it comes to corporate wellness programs. Many employees feel their health and wellbeing matters are their private matter and do not wish for others to know it. There is a fear that employers may discriminate against employees based on their health status since one of the key objectives of corporate wellness programs is to reduce healthcare costs. Employees are concerned about their job security as they feel employers may prefer healthier employees based on their health conditions. To protect employee privacy, the wellness program platform and the corporate wellness app must be HIPAA compliant and have a management system that securely saves user data.

Ease of Use

A simple, intuitive mobile app can improve employee interest in the program activities, helping them reap myriad benefits. When the app has ease of use, it is more likely to be used regularly by the workers and encourages healthy behaviors. As smartphones and wearable devices also come with easy-to-use features, the integration of advanced wellness software with the mobile app makes it easier to monitor employee health and progress.

Innovative Approach

Employee health and wellbeing trends are evolving, and for the employee wellness programs to be a success, the modules and features must be in line with the latest trends. Likewise, the wellness program platform and the corporate wellness app must be scalable and flexible to be on par with the latest trends to ensure all the wellbeing program modules are delivered the right way. Right from the easy navigation design to the latest UI/UX concepts, wellness challenge ideas, and other modules, the platform and worksite tools must have the latest innovative approach to execute and manage the entire wellbeing program.

Tracking and Analysis

In addition to managing the entire program, the 2 other primary features to be considered while designing a corporate wellness program and wellbeing portal are – tracking and monitoring. Most wellness apps are synced with fitness devices or tracking apps that keep a count of the daily step count, calorie intake, calorie burnt, distance traveled, sleep hours, and more. All these data are evaluated to understand individual employee progress, and also monitor the success of the wellbeing program. So, it is imperative that the employee wellness app and the corporate wellness platform is designed and functioning precisely for accurate tracking and evaluation.

Rewards and Incentive System

Employee engagement drives the employee wellbeing program to success, and so it is important to implement the right employee engagement strategies to ensure maximum participation and engagement. Offering rewards and incentives are effective employee engagement strategies, and so it is vital for the corporate wellness platform and employee wellbeing apps to support a rewards management system. The rewards strategy and system must ensure easy tracking of earned reward points and reimbursement of incentives.

Quick Support and Assistance

No matter how well-designed and equipped with the latest technology, digital products are bound to have technical glitches at some point in time. At such times, having proper assistance from the customer support for the platform and app is necessary to keep the program running smoothly. So while choosing the wellness program provider, it must be kept in mind to choose a vendor whose platform and the app can be easily used with minimum chances of glitches, along with a dedicated customer support team.

How can Workplace Wellness Apps Help The Wellness Programs?

Easy Adoption, Big Impact: Digital Tech Boosts Employee Wellbeing

Advancing digital technology is making tasks and operations as easy in almost all fields. Studies also show using digital technology has a positive impact on employee wellbeing , in many ways. And so, employers must stay in line with the current trends and latest wellness technology to be able to cater to the unique health and wellbeing requirements of their employees.

Credible employee wellness apps can help in streamlining the wellness program activities, making it easy for the employees and the program administrators.

Confidentiality of Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screenings

Personal health assessments and biometric screenings give an insight into employee health status and the potential risk factors. The outcomes of these assessments and screenings create awareness, allowing the employers to design the best-suited corporate wellness program with the right wellness modules. The wellness portals can help the employees take the assessments, assess the data, track reports, and seek suggestions, while the administrators can motivate employees to make healthier choices based on their health risks. Advanced corporate wellness apps must allow the employees to do everything with their health assessments and reports that they can do on the wellness platform also, with utmost privacy and confidentiality while gathering all the needed data easily.

Administering Wellness Challenges and Other Activities

Wellness challenges are proven employee engagement strategies that also motivate employees to adopt healthy habits. The healthy habits programs and wellness challenges from Wellness360 are carefully designed to help employees gain holistic wellness. The wellness platform allows administrators to create challenge campaigns and assign challenges to eligible users. The daily wellness challenges and health tips can help users make quick choices about what they are cooking tonight or add something new to their exercise regime. But not all can be done from the web portal every time. Allowing the workforce to access the same information from the wellness platform on their mobile devices makes it easier for them. They can start a challenge, log activity details, track progress, and earn points, on the go.

Synching Activities For Easy Employee Engagement

Employee engagement becomes easier when the tools and resources make it easy for the workforce to manage their wellness program activities. With digital technology advancing in every industry, carrying out tasks has become relatively easy for many. Similarly, the latest corporate wellness technology must be applied to wellness platforms to make it flexible and scalable. Additionally, having a dedicated corporate wellness app makes it easy for employees to perform their daily wellness program activities. The MyHealthPlus app from Wellness360 allows syncing and data integration with popular fitness devices and apps like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Strava, SHealth, and more. Once the tracking device or app is connected with the MyHealthPlus app, the activity data gets synced, allowing the users to view the activity details on the wellness platform and the app. It is an easy-to-use workplace wellness app that makes it convenient for employees to engage in their wellness program, motivating them to make healthier choices to lead a holistic life.

Tracking Rewards And Incentives

Like employee benefits and perks , rewards and incentives are reliable employee engagement strategies that motivate users to participate and reach their set milestones. With the workplace wellness programs from Wellness360, administrators can set certain reward points for the wellness activities, and employees can earn them as they complete their goals. The corporate wellness app from Wellness360, MyHealthPlus, allows employees to log their activity details easily to earn reward points and also lets them redeem their points as eGift cards or other incentives set by the program administrator. By implementing the right wellness technology, all the validation and tracking of the reward points and incentive redemption can be done easily from the employee wellness app itself.

How Can Digital Wellbeing Apps Help With Workplace Wellness?

Studies show that a majority of employees use their mobile devices for most of their daily routine tasks, and 90% of their time is spent on apps. With everyone hustling between multiple responsibilities, anything that makes life easier is always welcome. No wonder, having a good health and wellness app for the workplace wellbeing program could boost employee engagement and participation in wellness activities. This rise in engagement and achieving wellness goals reflect in improved employee health and wellbeing, along with establishing a positive workplace culture.

Furthermore, by investing in workplace wellbeing apps built with the latest digital wellness technology, employers can gain more than just successful employee engagement and positive workplace culture. More commonly, the additional workplace wellness benefits may include –

It can be quite surprising and may sound too good to be true that a single corporate wellbeing app can help employees and employers achieve so much. MyHealthPlus from Wellness360 is a standing example of one of such corporate wellness apps that allow employees to participate in wellness challenges and carry out all their wellness program activities from their mobile device, at any time from anywhere, effortlessly. With a user- friendly design, the wellness app allows easy user navigation to help them complete their actions, seamlessly.

Corporate Wellness Apps - FAQs

In short, corporate wellness apps enhance employee wellbeing behaviors, integrate devices and apps, track progress, and earn incentives, while boosting employee productivity, engagement, and workplace wellness. And so, investing in a well-planned wellness app could turn out to be one of the best investments you could make towards employee wellness and organizational productivity.

What is a Corporate Wellness App?

Corporate wellness apps are mobile tools that allow employees to monitor and manage their wellbeing activities. Typically, they are mobile versions of the online program platforms. These apps allow employees to participate in wellness challenges, log activities, track progress, and maintain their health from anywhere, at any time.

Employee engagement is the key to the success of any workplace wellness program. Having a well-designed mobile version of the wellness program platform can make it convenient for the workforce to participate and engage in the activities from anywhere at any time. The mobile and web versions must have proper incentive management systems with Single-Sign-On options and other favorable features to boost engagement and program success.

Most apps are available for free as a part of the company wellness program. However, some wellness providers may have their own criteria. Wellness360 offers the mobile app version of its corporate wellness platform for free.

Yes. Most well-designed apps ideally come with customizable features. The program modules and features can be tailored as per the health and wellbeing needs. Employers must identify their workplace wellbeing factors and goals before choosing the wellness program provider to know if the app and portal can provide all the needed customizable features.

Like the wellness platform, the worksite apps also must be compliant with HIPAA and other security guidelines. The concerns arise when employee data is shared with third parties. Since most data is not shared with external parties, wellness apps will only have to support internal security.

Health and fitness apps are trending as employees focus on wellbeing and productivity has increased. With more than one billion worldwide installs in 2021, wellness apps are proven to have a positive impact on workplace productivity, employee engagement, better employee health, and overall business growth.

The key to a successful corporate health support package is its wellbeing services and preventive health measures. Wellness apps are excellent employee engagement strategies that can support the expenses and maintenance of your corporate health system.

Robust workplace apps are designed to carry out all the functions that can be done on the web version of the wellbeing platform. From taking health assessments, recording screening details, participating in wellness challenges, tracking progress, and earning incentives – employees can do everything on the app. Employees can check their health and wellbeing regularly, from anywhere at any time, and keep up with their wellbeing journey.

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