All-in-one Comprehensive Employee Wellness Platform

All-in-one Features of Our Employee Wellbeing Platform

Of the many different dynamic features that Wellness360 offers, here are the highlighting ones that give you enough reason to be convinced we have one of the best employee wellbeing platforms in the corporate wellness market.


Be it white-label wellness platform branding or tailored wellness challenges, customize the portal with advanced configuration options, to meet specific health and wellbeing needs.

Data-Driven Analytics

Get real-time data-driven analytics including assessment reports, screening reports, and overall wellness program progress.

User Experience

Visual dashboards, clean navigation, and clean graphics – every element of the wellness platform is self-explanatory to boost user experience and employee engagement.

Device and App Integration

Compatible with most of the popular fitness devices and tracking apps, our wellness platform and its tracking software makes it easy to sync, log, and track all the daily wellness activities.


Conduct surveys, encourage discussions, and notify employees about the upcoming wellness activities and events in a jiffy from the pre-defined communication resources.

Highest Portal Security

We follow all HIPAA and other legal guidelines to ensure maximum security and protection of user data to avoid any probable chance of misuse or mishandling.

Employee Wellness Platform

Having the right corporate wellness technology and tools is required for your workplace wellness programs to be scalable and evolve with the growing employee wellbeing needs. It must offer the adaptability and flexibility to expand the features and modules of the workplace wellness programs to meet the specific health and wellbeing requirements.

Our robust workplace wellness platform gives you all the freedom to achieve workplace wellbeing.

All-Inclusive Corporate Wellness Platform

Wellness360’s comprehensive workplace wellness programs offer many modules and features. From health risk assessments and screenings, to holistic wellness challenge ideas, behavior management programs, health coaching, reports, incentives, social forums, and more – you can find almost every single element you will need to improve overall employee wellbeing and workplace engagement.

What’s even better is managing all these multiple elements from a single well-designed corporate wellness platform.

Our corporate wellness platform is equipped with the latest wellness technology for employers and employees to carry out their wellbeing program activities easily. With customization options to provide a white label wellness platform, Wellness360 aims to design and create the entire workplace wellness program as per your workforce’s health and wellbeing needs.

  • Real-time, On-Demand Reports
  • Clean and Clear Communication
  • Easy Delivery and Participation
  • Gamification and Fun Approach
  • Extensive Content Library
  • Flexible Incentive Management
  • Holistic Wellness Programs
  • Preventive Care Verification
  • Vast Online Interventions

Wellbeing Platform Modules to Inspire Employees

The key objectives of employee wellness program are to boost employee engagement, improve employee health and wellbeing, and enhance overall workplace wellness. Well-designed employee wellness programs can help you achieve just that. But this can be achieved only when the right modules and tools are provided to the workforce. Wellness360’s dynamic corporate wellbeing platform is flexible and scalable to accommodate and support all the needed resources and elements to inspire and motivate employees through their wellbeing journey.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Know your workforce wellbeing needs and tailor the employee wellness solutions with innovative ideas.

Health Content Library

Video-based content, self-help programs, educational resources, and other online interventions can be offered through the wellness portal to educate and motivate employees.


Be it device or app integration, fun wellness activities, quizzes, polls, or other healthy competitive approaches, our wellness platform is all game for it.

Rewards and Incentives

Supports our progressive rewards management system to incentivize wellness challenges and other activities for effective employee engagement.

Holistic Wellness Challenges

Easily implement wellness challenges that focus on different health and wellbeing dimensions to improve holistic wellness.

Innovative Wellness Solutions

Health assessments, disease management programs, health coaching, daily tips, events management, and more, you name it and we have it for you.

Employee Well-being Hub

Our comprehensive workplace wellness programs have gone through a lot of research before getting into the corporate wellness market and satisfying all our clients. We understand the need for different employee wellness solutions for different workplaces, and different corporate wellness platform features. And so, we have a little something for everyone involved with your workplace wellness program.

Benefit State-of-Art Administrative Portal

A state-of-art administrative portal has been designed aiming to make things easy for the program administrators. Create and customize programs, wellness challenges, events, and other wellness activities to build a healthy workplace culture – all from a single admin portal.

  • Access interactive dashboards with complete qualitative data and analytics to measure program impact
  • Create communications, push notifications, branded announcements, and more.
  • Promote healthy competition by customizing and assigning fun wellness challenges, social events, and more.
  • Real-time downloadable reports of different wellness modules and activities to evaluate progress
  • Complete control over incentive management, personalization, and tracking of all modules

Top-Notch User Platform

Employee engagement is the key to the success of corporate wellness programs. Our user wellness portal has been designed and built to exactly serve the purpose of making health and wellbeing an enjoyable concept and engage employees in the most desirable way.

  • Complete your assessment and screenings to self-evaluate your health status and potential risks
  • Choose activities of interest from plenty of pre-defined holistic wellness challenges
  • Access different online interventions and educational resources from our vast online content library
  • Complete activities, earn rewards, and redeem incentives effortlessly from the wellness platform
  • Sync your wellness account with your favorite fitness device or tracking app to check activity progress

An Exclusive Health Coaching Portal

Health coaching programs motivate and give the extra push that the employees need through their health and wellness journey. Wellness360 offers a personalized corporate wellness platform for each health coach to ensure they can do their best to encourage and guide the employees throughout the workplace wellness program.
  • An outstanding coaching portal dashboard with an overview of all the needed user details
  • Create, edit, upload, and view employee distribution lists right from the coaching portal
  • A complete view of the employee Health Risk Assessment outcomes to offer specific guidance
  • Check outcomes, upload documents, and tag up with real-time progress of the employees
  • in-built appointment scheduler to schedule, edit, or delete coaching appointments


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