Where Wellness Technology Gets Branded For You

Simply put, the White Label Wellness Programs are the ones that offer customizable options to the clients to brand and make the employee wellness program their own, in most aspects.

Effective Workplace Wellness Programs

Employees are the heart of any company, and their contribution decides the success or fall of the business. Studies say healthy and happy employees are more productive, whereas unhealthy or disturbed employees are more of a liability to the company as productivity is less, and the healthcare costs could cost more. And so, many companies are working on improving employee health, reflecting on better organizational productivity.

Achieve Holistic Wellness

One of the most effective ways to improve employee engagement and help them achieve holistic wellness is through employee wellness programs, and offering white label wellness programs are essentially a trending business requirement. For a corporate wellness program to be effective in giving the desired positive outcomes, there are 3 vital pointers to be considered initially –

Of these 3, designing or finding the best-suited wellness platform is probably the biggest challenge.

The Right Wellness Platform

A perfect wellness platform needs to help with administration, communication, and evaluation of various modules and elements, including inspecting the health risks and behaviors, tracking participation and employee engagement, handling communication and marketing, reviewing incentives and reports, and monitoring the overall progress, right from the start, and throughout the wellness program.

Apart from being compatible with the latest wellness technology trends, a good wellness platform should be able to handle pretty much all the activities and modules of the workplace wellness program, making it easier for the program admin.

Businesses offering corporate wellness programs usually have 3 options to choose from –

With so much to do at hand at the workplace, having your own wellness platform is quite unrealistic for many companies.

White Label Wellness Program

Wellness programs are all about improving employee engagement and help them achieve holistic wellness by focusing on various wellness aspects. In most cases, it becomes a personal and private affair for many employees as it can be life-changing.

A white label wellness program with a personalized touch to the wellness platform, brings the employees closer to the organizational brand, and also helps with better brand awareness.

White Label Wellness Platforms and Programs

Used conversely, the terms ‘private label wellness’ and ‘white label wellness’, typically refer to the wellness program management platform or the wellness technology used for a corporate wellness program. At Wellness360, we have taken into account the multiple health facets and program modules that can offer maximum wellness benefits to the employees and the employers, to design a robust wellness platform that helps in managing almost everything one needs for a fitting employee wellness program.

The white label version of our employee wellness program is used by a few of our clients, in which they get to customize the entire wellness platform with their logo and branding features, instead of the Wellness360 logo. The only retained bit of Wellness360 is in the domain URL, which can also be customized by talking to the wellness program provider.

Also known as the Software as a Service (SaaS), having a white label wellness program with a comprehensive platform like that of Wellness360 not only helps with workplace wellness, but also gives the feel as if it’s their own.

Wellness Program Resellers​

Holistic wellness can be achieved only when healthy habits are adopted and followed regularly to become a part of your daily lifestyle. To help employees cultivate healthier practices, our healthy habits programs focus on improving different wellness aspects – nutrition, physical activity, stress management, better sleep, tobacco cessation, and responsible alcohol drinking programs.

Financial Assessment​

A Wellness Reseller is one who takes up an existing workplace wellness program, like that of Wellness360, and white labels it like it is their own, and sells it to their employer groups and clients. The wellness platform and activities will be provided by the original wellness program vendor, but as a reseller, you will have to deal with the client and administer much of the program. Even though you can leverage the capabilities and function of the wellness platform, you will still have to manage and run your white label wellness program. As the wellness reseller, you can set a price for your wellness services and sell it to other employers or local businesses. 

An effective revenue generator, reselling a white label wellness program calls for outsourcing the wellness program modules, data management, and security of the platform. However, reselling a wellness program comes with its own set of shortcomings too. Despite getting trained by the wellness vendor, it becomes difficult for the reseller and their staff to manage all the wellness activities, or they are not qualified enough to handle the responsibilities. Also, with constant updates in the wellness technology, the reseller agency needs to participate and get trained well to keep up with the trends. Still, it is considered one of the best businesses in the corporate wellness market.

Benefits of White Label Wellness Platform

No Need to Create Your Own Software System

Designing and managing a wellness platform with the right modules and wellness technology is quite daunting and needs a lot of effort. By white labeling an existing wellness platform, there is no need to start creating a platform from scratch. Apart from having to stay updated with the innovations and improvements, it is all ready for you.

Helps Create Brand Awareness

A white label wellness platform becomes your wellness platform with your business name and logo on it. It gives you access to an established wellness program, which can be branded and marketed to other businesses as your own product. Also, having a branded wellness platform gives you a competitive edge in the corporate wellness market, and gives a notably professional look.

No Worries About Software and Technology

Employee wellness programs come with many rules and regulations to be followed, like HIPAA compliance. With a white label wellness program, technology and software are the last things to be worried about. Right from maintaining the platform’s technical details to abiding with HIPAA rules, all is taken care of by Wellness360, and you can just focus on helping employees achieve holistic wellness through the wellness program.

Wellness Program at a Better Price

By white labeling a wellness platform, you can offer the employee wellbeing program at a much lower price. Most wellness brokers, organizations, hospitals, insurance companies, and other wellness-related businesses, offer white label wellness programs to their clientele for a relatively lower price. You can set the price to a specific employer group depending on the number of employees who will enroll for the program.

Absolute Control Over the Entire Program

A good wellness platform is one that allows you to carry out any wellness-related interventions. With the wide scope of activities, modules, and elements that can be offered in a wellness program, there is no limit to what you can offer. Be it health coaching, wellness challenges, behavior change programs, fitness device and app integration, rewards and incentives, or anything you wish for, a well-designed white label wellness program can offer you it all.

Get More Than Just the Tech Support

Any business can be a success with the audience only when there is a strong customer support base. And with the constant changes in algorithms and technology, it is important to have the platform updated and run smoothly at all times. With a white label wellness platform, you will be provided with an all-round training and guidance to manage most aspects, and you don’t have to worry about the tech support strategies.

Reach Out on the Web and Mobile

With mobile devices being at the top of the technology, most people use their mobile smartphones or tablets to browse, check emails, or for anything to do on the web. A study also showed that almost 20% of the people use their mobiles to participate, log details, and track their progress through a wellness platform. A good white label wellbeing program will offer a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, apart from the standard desktop-based platform too. So, by making it easier for the users to access the program, the engagement rates will increase.

More and New Elements Automatically

The corporate wellness market is ever-growing with new health demands from the users coming up all the time, the wellness trends, and technology updates. To meet these interests, the wellness program should be constantly updated with the relevant solutions. Be it new wellness challenges, creatives, marketing tools, gamification, and other interventions – all of it comes to your white labeled wellness platform automatically from the wellness vendor.

Increase Your Brand Awareness and Make Revenue

The best part about reselling a white label wellness program is that you sell the established wellness services to other groups under your brand name, build a market share for it, and generate revenue, without having to work on the wellness platform from scratch. Apart from boosting your brand awareness and making a good revenue, you do not have to spend yourself to maintain the SaaS platform, and you get all the customer support from the vendors.

The ultimate aim of corporate wellness programs is to create strategies to adopt healthy behaviors, boost employee engagement, enhance workforce social connections, manage incentives, and offer all the tools and modules needed to help employees gain holistic wellness, and improve organizational productivity.

With the constantly advancing technology, and rising employee wellness requirements, it is vital to have a comprehensive wellness platform that offers all wellness solutions at a single place, and with a white label wellness program, you get to create your brand awareness and increase its reach, while improving employee health.

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