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Wellness360 offers a personalized corporate wellness platform designed to boost employee wellbeing and productivity. Our data-driven approach empowers you to create a program that fits your workforce’s needs.

Employee Wellness Platform: The Wellbeing Catalyst

Corporate wellness programs are firmly expanding, owing to the rising importance of employee health and wellness, and their impact on performance. Many companies are implementing employee engagement initiatives as a strategy to reduce healthcare costs, have employees engage, and boost overall productivity. Apart from the right employee wellness program ideas, the kind of wellness technology, implemented by the employers, including the corporate wellness platform and its component, makes a huge difference in the success of the workplace wellness programs.

Be it to know the individual employee performance or the aggregate wellness programming progress – a well-designed comprehensive corporate wellness platform can give you all the needed solutions in one place.

Top features of the best Employee Wellness Platforms

Most employee health and wellness programs today make use of web-based tools and wellness technology to ensure seamless administration and operation of the corporate wellness initiatives. These web-based digital systems are more often referred to as the employee wellness platform.

Although most wellness portals are referred to as platform, the major difference is that the digital health and wellness platform have more delivery and management systems, along with access to educational and web-based resources, when compared to the simpler wellness portals.

Employee wellness programs broadly include different features and activities – Health Risk Assessments, biometric screening management, wellness challenges, online educational resources, health coaching, wellness incentive, communication hub, device integration, and more. A corporate wellness platform capable of providing all these modules and services, in a single place, along with the flexibility to customize, is what you should bring in to execute your employee wellbeing programs. To start with, having a customizable white label wellness platform that marks your company logo and branding features, gives the push to build your workplace culture.

With the details of the wellness program progress, and the right employee wellness program ideas, you can customize your wellness platform to deliver solutions that promote a healthy lifestyle in your employees. An effective corporate wellness platform is one that eases user navigation, offers support, and becomes an essential tool in wellness programming and to run the entire wellbeing program. In short, it should be able to pull off and manage the four primary objectives of a successful employee wellness platform –

Create Awareness

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Creating awareness about the workplace wellness programs and their health status is the first mandatory step to engage employees. Once the idea of how wellness programs can benefit employees is clear, the engagement and participation are bound to be higher. This is when you must provide health assessments, biometric screenings, and educational resources like online videos, webinars, and other reports, to engage employees and educate them.

Health Risk Assessments and Biometric Screenings

Behavior change can happen only when you know where to bring about the changes, and health assessments and screenings can help with it. Health risk assessments and biometric screenings should be a part of the onboarding wellness activities. The outcomes of these assessments and screenings create awareness about the changes you need to make to your current lifestyle habits.

Apart from maintaining privacy and keeping the data confidential, wellness platform can make it easy for the employees to take the assessments from a mobile device, assess the data, put together all the information, and motivate them to adopt the changes.

Educational Resources and Personal Feedback

The best workplace wellness programs provide a lot of educational resources, including access to webinars, self-help works, web-based articles, presentations, and other materials to educate employees about the importance and different ways to lead a healthy life, along with enlightening about health and safety in workplace. Many employee wellness platform also offer personalized feedback based on individual health needs and wellness interests. A good wellness platform can help in understanding, adapting, and reporting the personal wellness details based on individual feedback.

Encourage and Motivate


Lack of motivation is the most common reason for many people giving up on their health and wellness goals. With the right motivation ideas and tools, your wellness program will not only boost employee engagement, but will also motivate them to reach their set wellness goals. Offering a tracking tool to check reports and the overall progress, especially when made easy with a mobile app, is a great way to engage employees and motivate them. Another enticing way to motivate and engage employees is by rewarding incentives upon completing the wellness goals.

Rewards and Incentives

One word that resonates well with employee engagement and motivation is – incentives and rewards. Many employee health and wellness programs allow employees to earn rewards upon completion or reaching set milestones. A good wellness incentive program should have a progressive rewards engine that offers different employee incentives and allows simple validation and tracking of the rewards redemption details. Wellness360 offers an array of employee incentive options – eGift cards, merchandise offers, HSA contributions, premium deductibles, and other customizable solutions to our clients, allowing easy creation of reward campaigns and tracking.

Tracking Tools and Modules

A state-of-art corporate wellness platform built with the latest wellness technology will automatically sync and track all the program details, including enrollment, employee engagement, individual wellness behavior, reports, and other data. All this data is then made available accordingly to the employees and program administrators. While administrators can keep a check on the participation, engagement, incentives redemption, and overall progress of the program, employees can track their activity log, ranking, rewards, and performance through the program.

Mobile App and Device Integration

Gone are those days when wellness reports and progress were recorded on paper and print. The logistics of listing, recording, printing, and storing the materials are not only burdensome but also heavy on time and resources. The advancing corporate wellness technology has led to the construction of digital wellness platform that record and store the entire user data. Furthermore, the provision of a mobile app to access the platform makes it easier for the employees to log and track progress on the go.

The integration of fitness devices and apps with the wellness portal adds to the convenience of the employees to log and track wellness activities. Syncing the devices or apps with the corporate wellness platform will automatically record the activity log of the employees, reducing their time to manually enter the data. This added convenience makes it a motivating factor and is a great employee engagement strategy, as employees do not have to put the extra effort to log details, and can track their progress easily.

Wellness Components and Gamification

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A good wellness program comes with many modules, and its corporate wellness platform should be flexible enough to accommodate and support the features and growth. The program should offer employee experiences with a step-by-step approach to elevate engagement and help them adopt healthy habits. The behavior change campaigns, wellness challenges, and the supporting tools and materials help improve healthy behaviors, employee skill set, and their productivity at work.

Wellness Challenges and Behavior Change Campaigns

The wellness challenges and behavior change campaigns from Wellness360 have been created after a lot of research on employee behavior change experiences and the steps involved in the process. Each campaign comes with specific communication and marketing materials, web-based resources, incentives, and other supporting materials required to promote the adoption of healthy habits. And to make sure they are all delivered rightly, you need a flexible and advanced employee wellness platform.

Wellness challenges are an integral part of a well-planned corporate wellness program. Wellness360 focuses on various holistic wellness dimensions, including – nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, social, and financial wellbeing. Apart from a set challenge library with plenty of wellness challenges, our platform also allows customization of the challenges and campaigns to meet the specific wellness demands of your workforce. The integration of the fitness devices or apps with the wellness platform allows easy tracking of employee performance and progress through the wellness challenges. The incentives, reporting, and tracking of the challenge outcomes make it a complete behavior change program.

Behavior Modification and Motivation Tools

Many a time, employees know that they are lacking healthy habits and need to get on the right track, but they do not follow it due to 2 primary reasons – Lack of resources and Lack of motivation.

Providing the right wellness tools and resources to your employees could be a great employee engagement strategy and a motivational push for them to adopt healthy living habits. Know your funds and decide the tools and resources you can afford to offer. Depending on the budget allocated towards your employee health program, you may provide office gyms, gym membership, individual sporting equipment, free snacks and lunches, wearables, recipe books, marathons, daily planners, fitness gear and clothing, and more. Apart from these freebies, providing online educational resources like webinars, articles, videos, and health coaches through the wellness platform are great teaching tools to help the employees transform their lives.

Support and Build Culture of Health

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Employee engagement is the key to the potential success of a corporate wellness program. Encouraging social support, personal interaction, working environment, and the availability of the right modules to assist with it, help in establishing a healthy and positive workplace culture.

Social Support

Our daily lifestyle and health behaviors are greatly influenced by the people and environment around us. And so, an effective employee wellness program should be capable of accommodating the spouses, dependents, and friends of the workforce. Humans are social beings who love to have that extra push and support from our fellow beings. Be it to eat a healthy diet or to exercise regularly, having a good company, and support is a great motivation.

Health coaching could also be effective employee engagement and motivational strategy. By applying their expertise, health coaches can assist employees with setting actionable wellness goals and guide them to achieve it. The wellness platform can also accommodate features to hold social discussions among the participants, share recipes, or have private chats with their colleagues or the coaches.

Building A Positive Workplace Culture

Like the people around us affect our daily habits, the place we live in or work at can also have a major impact on our health and wellness. Employers need to take extra efforts to create a positive workplace culture that promotes and supports healthy living. Small, consistent changes over a while can be an effective wellness solution to change the workplace culture and environment to a more vibrant and positive place, where the employees want to work happily and productively.

Communicate with your employees to list out the things that need to be changed, and prioritize them based on employee benefits and interests. Work on bringing one change at a time – probably one or two changes every quarter, which in the long run could modify the entire workplace culture and employee mindset, giving more positive wellness outcomes. Make sure that the corporate wellness platform and the wellbeing program is scalable and flexible to meet these changes, over time.

Why Do You Need A Corporate Wellness Platform?

Many studies over the years have proven that almost 70 – 90% of the chronic health diseases are lifestyle-related and caused due to faulty health habits. This means that a major portion of the healthcare costs and health concerns arise due to our personal health behaviors.

A well-designed employee wellness program that utilizes a comprehensive and progressive state-of-art corporate wellness platform can go that extra mile in helping your employees adopt healthy behaviors and maintain them for the rest of their lives. Simply put, an effective wellness program with its efficient platform modules works to improve health behaviors, lifestyle habits, lower health risks, reduce healthcare costs, and improve overall organizational productivity.

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