On-Demand Fitness Classes for Employee Wellness

Struggling to squeeze in a workout with your busy schedule? Wellness360’s on-demand fitness program, powered by Sweat Factor, changes the game. We offer hundreds of exclusive workouts streamed by world-class trainers, accessible from any device, at your convenience.

Everything about Fitness, We’ve Got it Covered

Our hustling schedules hardly leave any time to exercise or find some ‘me-time.’ And so, when a company offers corporate-sponsored fitness classes, it is a golden opportunity.

Promoting fitness is one of the best decisions an organization can make to motivate its employees to stay active, energetic, and fit all the time. Regular exercise aids in maintaining optimal body weight, lowers risks of chronic health diseases, reduces stress, increases brain power, improves sleep, and maintains a good physical posture. All of these benefits reflect better productivity at work, lower absenteeism or sick leaves, reduced healthcare costs, and healthy workplace culture. They can be offered through the employee wellness programs as daily habit programs or wellness challenges.

Powered by Sweat Factor, Wellness360 offers On-Demand Fitness sessions as a part of our employee wellness programs. With hundreds of exclusive workouts streamed by world-class trainers, these sessions can be accessed by employees from anywhere, at any time.

A Wide Array of Workouts

From HIIT to Yoga, bodyweight management, and strength training, find an amazing selection of more than +300 workouts and fitness content. Choose the best-suited workout sessions depending on the duration, interests, capabilities, and specialties. With plenty of options at hand, everyone definitely has something to revel in.

World-Class Instructors

With world-class instructors delivering exclusive inspirational content for all fitness levels, there is no excuse for not putting the pedal on the metal. With assured results and fresh content coming up every month, there’s always something exciting to look forward to.

Easily Accessible

Get started with the workouts at any time, from anywhere as the workout videos is available on the app for all devices, including Apple TV, iPhone, Android, Amazon FireTV, and Roku.

Unleash happier, healthier, and
more productive teams

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