Talk It Out Challenge

The Talk It Out Challenge includes completing 40 meaningful conversations with different people throughout the month. This challenge encourages participants to connect with others through phone calls, neighborly chats, and conversations with strangers, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

Challenge Details

  • Conversation Count: Engage in 40 meaningful conversations throughout the month.
  • Conversation Diversity: Interact with a variety of individuals, including old friends, neighbors, and strangers.
  • Conversation Tracking: Keep track of the number of conversations you have each day to monitor your progress.

Challenge Benefits

  • Improves communication skills: Engaging in regular conversations helps you become a better communicator by giving you practice expressing yourself clearly, actively listening to others, and building rapport.
  • Strengthens relationships: Having meaningful conversations with others fosters deeper connections and strengthens existing relationships.
  • Boosts mental well-being: Talking to others can reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and provide a sense of belonging.

Implement Challenge with Wellness360

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Jessica Morris, ATC, MBA,
Wellness Manager, Target Health,


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