Spread the Warmth Challenge

The Spread the Warmth Challenge includes donating a new or used winter coat to someone in need. It’s a simple way to help others stay warm during the cold winter months.

Challenge Details

  • Donate a new or used winter coat to someone in need. The coat can be of any size or style.
  • You can give the coat:
  • Directly to someone you know who would appreciate it.
  • To a local homeless shelter or thrift store.
  • Consider donating other items you no longer need and maybe even some cash.

Challenge Benefits

  • Warmth for those who need it most: Your donation can provide essential protection from the cold for someone experiencing homelessness or facing financial hardship.
  • Community spirit and giving back: Participating in the challenge is a fantastic way to connect with your community and contribute to a worthy cause.
  • Decluttering and making a positive impact: Donating your gently used coat not only helps someone in need but also allows you to declutter your closet and free up space.

Implement Challenge with Wellness360

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