Know Your Dough Challenge

The Know Your Dough Challenge includes completing daily expense tracking for 30 days to gain awareness of your spending habits and optimize your financial management. This challenge promotes financial literacy by encouraging participants to categorize each expense, providing valuable insights into their financial patterns.

Challenge Details

  • Track every penny you spend for 30 days.
  • Categorize each item to understand your spending patterns.
  • Use any method you prefer, such as paper, spreadsheet, or online tool.
  • Put receipts in a box to track your progress.
  • Knowledge is power! Gain a better understanding of where your money goes.
  • Complete the challenge by marking each day you track your spending.

Challenge Benefits

  • Clearer Spending Picture: See exactly where your money goes each month, revealing areas for potential savings or adjustments.
  • Smarter Budgeting: Optimize your budget based on accurate spending data, ensuring your money aligns with your priorities.
  • Empowered Financial Decisions: Armed with knowledge, you can make informed choices about your spending, leading to greater financial control and freedom.

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