Hold Your Horses Challenge

The Hold Your Horses Challenge includes completing a 7-day waiting period before making any optional purchases throughout a 30-day period. By tracking your progress and noting the items you resist buying, you can develop a habit of delayed gratification, potentially saving money and increasing your enjoyment of the purchases you do make.

Challenge Details

  • 7-Day Waiting Period: Before making non-essential purchases, wait 7 days. Write down the item and date.
  • Revisit Your Urge: After 7 days, assess if you still desire the item. If so, purchase it!
  • Reduce Impulse Buys & Savor Purchases: This challenge helps curb impulse buys and enhances your enjoyment of considered purchases.

Challenge Benefits

  • Save money: By waiting a week before making non-essential purchases, you’ll likely find yourself buying less overall. This can free up your budget for things you truly need or want.
  • Boost mindfulness: The challenge encourages you to be more mindful of your spending habits. You’ll learn to distinguish between impulse purchases and things you genuinely value.
  • Increase enjoyment: When you do buy something, you’ll likely appreciate it more after waiting a week and confirming it’s something you truly desire.

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