Deep Work Challenge

The Deep Work Challenge includes setting a recurring time to focus on individual work with no meetings scheduled. The goal is to create a period of uninterrupted time to increase productivity and job satisfaction. To complete the challenge, you must schedule a recurring team Deep Work session with no meetings planned during that time. During the Deep Work session, you are encouraged to close your office door, or, if in an open space, to speak softly or not at all. This will allow everyone to focus on their individual tasks without interruption.

Challenge Details

  • No scheduled meetings: Block out a specific time, one or more days a week, where no meetings are permitted. Allow everyone in your team to dedicate this time to focused work.
  • Quiet environment: Encourage everyone to create a quiet work environment during the Deep Work period. This includes closing office doors when possible and minimizing noise in open areas.
  • Boost productivity and satisfaction: The goal is to provide an uninterrupted time for concentrated work, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction for team members.

Challenge Benefits

  • Increased Productivity: Blocking out dedicated time for focused work allows employees to accomplish more without distractions, boosting overall productivity.
  • Improved Focus: By eliminating interruptions during Deep Work periods, employees can achieve a deeper level of concentration, leading to better quality work.
  • Enhanced Job Satisfaction: Providing time for uninterrupted work can improve employee morale and job satisfaction by allowing them to feel accomplished and in control of their workload.

Implement Challenge with Wellness360

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Why We Chose Wellness360

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Jessica Morris, ATC, MBA,
Wellness Manager, Target Health,


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