Budget Bootcamp Challenge

The Budget Bootcamp Challenge invites you to create an historical budget from the past three months. Using old bank and credit card statements, calculate your earnings and expenses in different categories. Don’t forget to include annual expenses (like homeowner’s insurance) by dividing the expense by 12 and including it in each month’s expenses. Once you have compiled the numbers, determine if you earn more than you spend each month. Complete this challenge by verifying that you created an historical budget.

Challenge Details

  • Gather Historical Data: Collect bank statements and credit card records from the past three months.
  • Calculate Income vs. Expenses: Compare your total earnings to your spending across various categories, including annual expenses divided by 12 for monthly budgeting.
  • Analyze Spending Habits: Determine if your income consistently exceeds your expenses, indicating a positive cash flow.

Challenge Benefits

  • Greater financial awareness: This challenge encourages you to analyze your spending habits and income over the past three months, providing valuable insights into where your money goes.
  • Improved budgeting skills: By creating a historical budget, you gain practical experience in budgeting and learn how to allocate your income effectively.
  • Potential for cost savings: By analyzing your spending patterns, you can identify areas where you can potentially cut back and save money.

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