Before time Challenge

The Before Time Challenge includes completing 30 days of arriving early wherever you need to be. It encourages developing the habit of punctuality by arriving early, using waiting time productively, and noticing the benefits of early arrival.

Challenge Details

  • Arrive early for 30 days: Aim to be early for all your appointments and commitments for the next month.
  • Plan for the unexpected: Factor in extra time for potential delays like traffic or parking issues.
  • Manage your early arrival: If you end up early, use the time productively by preparing for the meeting, clearing your mind, or greeting others as they arrive.

Challenge Benefits

  • Reduce Stress: Arriving early can help you avoid the frantic feeling of being late, lowering stress and allowing you to start your day or meeting on a calmer note.
  • Increased Productivity: By being early, you have extra time to prepare or mentally focus on the task ahead, potentially leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Greater Mindfulness: The extra waiting time allows for a moment of quiet reflection, helping you clear your mind and be more present, leading to better focus and engagement when the meeting or activity starts.

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