Appreciation Blitz Challenge

The Appreciation Blitz includes completing 20 meetings by expressing appreciation for everyone attending. To successfully complete the challenge, start 20 meetings by including an expression of gratitude in the meeting kickoff that goes beyond the typical, “I’m grateful you’ve taken your time to be here today.” Get specific and authentic with your words to show your genuine appreciation.

Challenge Details

  • Express appreciation at the start of 20 meetings. This can be done in any meeting, regardless of size or format.
  • Go beyond basic gratitude. Instead of simply thanking people for attending, find a way to personalize your appreciation and connect with your audience on a deeper level.
  • Be specific and sincere. Let people know exactly what you appreciate about them and why their presence matters to you.

Challenge Benefits

  • Boosts Team Morale: Starting meetings with appreciation sets a positive tone, making participants feel valued and appreciated.
  • Strengthens Relationships: Taking the time to express specific gratitude fosters stronger connections between colleagues.
  • Promotes a Culture of Gratitude: By consistently practicing gratitude, you create a ripple effect within your organization.

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