30 Day Squat Challenge

The 30 Day Squat includes completing 50 squats daily for 30 days. To finish, track your progress and aim to reach a total of 1500 squats. For proper form guidance, watch instructional videos online.

Challenge Details

  • Number of squats per day: 50
  • Challenge duration: 30 days
  • Total number of squats to complete: 1,500

Challenge Benefits

  • Build Strength & Muscle: Squats primarily target your quads, glutes, and hamstrings, leading to stronger legs and a sculpted lower body.
  • Boost Metabolism & Burn Fat: This exercise burns a significant amount of calories, helping you achieve your weight loss goals and keep your metabolism firing.
  • Improve Mobility & Flexibility: Regular squatting increases your range of motion in the hips and ankles, enhancing your overall flexibility and agility.

Implement Challenge with Wellness360

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Jessica Morris, ATC, MBA,
Wellness Manager, Target Health,


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