Comparing the Top 5 Virgin Pulse alternatives in 2024

Virgin Pulse is a well-known name in the corporate wellness space, offering a platform for employee health and engagement. However, some find its feature set limited or its pricing not ideal. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top alternatives to Virgin Pulse in 2024, helping you discover the perfect fit for your organization’s wellness goals and employee needs.

Pain Points of Virgin Pulse

While Virgin Pulse boasts a strong reputation, user reviews highlight some potential pain points. These include app performance issues like freezing, crashing, and slow loading times. The interface can be cluttered and lackluster, with navigation difficulties and occasional glitches. Customization options for wellness programs seem limited, and integrating with third-party apps can be problematic. Users also report challenges with administrative functions, including a need for more training and long wait times for customer support. Additionally, some find program goals unrealistic and point limitations discouraging, while features like the calendar and manual data entry could be improved. 

If you are facing any of the above or someother issues with Virgin Pulse, it is worth exploring the merits of the alternatives listed below. 

List of top Virgin Pulse Alternatives

1. Wellness360

2. Movespring

3. Wellable

4. Vantage Fit  

5. Wellright

1. Wellness360 

The first platform we want to showcase is, of course, Wellness360. 

Wellness360 is a great Virgin Pulse alternative. It packs in a comprehensive suite of tools to promote employee well-being. It caters to individual needs with features like health assessments, personalized journeys, and activity trackers. To boost engagement, Wellness360 includes gamified challenges, social features for interaction, and a content hub with articles, videos, and live events. Administrators benefit from real-time reporting, centralized controls, and a dedicated dashboard for easy program management.  

Wellness360 features

Below are some features of Wellness360 

  • Holistic Wellness Awareness: Wellness360 equips users with educational resources through health assessments, personalized journeys, on-demand classes, and a comprehensive content hub. 
  • Interactive Wellness: It also offers activity tracking, habit-building challenges, social interaction features, seamless fitness app integration, and educational events. 
  • Rewards & incentives:  Motivate users with personalized dashboards, gamified experiences, and incentive management to celebrate achievements and propel collective wellness goals.
  • Seamless Management: Centralized controls and real-time reporting dashboards (executive and program-specific) for seamless management and measurement of well-being initiatives.

Wellness360 Pricing

Wellness360 offers tiered PEPM pricing based on the number of users. Platform fee ranges from $4 – $1.25/month/user based on team size. There is also a free trial option to get the feel of the platform. 

2. Movespring 

MoveSpring, a digital health engagement platform established in 2014, was acquired by Reward Gateway in 2022. While it offers a fun and easy-to-use platform for corporate wellness challenges, some drawbacks hold it back. The primary concerns are its high pricing compared to competitors and recurring syncing issues with popular fitness trackers like Samsung Health. Despite these limitations, MoveSpring remains a viable option for companies seeking to gamify employee wellness programs, offering features like social challenges and educational content. 

Movespring dashboard

Below are some features of Movespring 

  • Challenges & Activities: MoveSpring offers various pre-built challenges and activities to keep employees engaged.
  • Inclusive Access: It accommodates a variety of wearables and smartphone tracking.
  • Admin-Friendly Management: The platform provides a user-friendly admin portal for program management. 

Movespring Pricing 

MoveSpring’s corporate wellness platform utilizes tiered pricing.  For short-term challenges, a one-time fee starts at $2,000 with an additional $10 per user. Annual subscriptions range from $2,400 per year plus $3 per user monthly to $3,600 per year plus $6 per user monthly, catering to different program lengths and company sizes.

3. Wellable 

Wellable, a corporate wellness platform launched in 2013, boasts a comprehensive suite of tools to address employee well-being. It offers a holistic approach encompassing fitness trackers, educational modules, and health content. However it does come with a few drawbacks, the primary criticisms focus on cost. Several reviewers found Wellable expensive, with one feeling charged extra for seemingly minor features. Additionally, a few users considered the content repetitive and lacking depth. Despite these drawbacks, Wellable remains a well-established platform with a focus on well-rounded employee wellness programs.   

Wellable dashboard

Below are some features of Wellable  

  • Customization: Wellable allows for tailoring wellness programs to specific needs.
  • Holistic Approach: It goes beyond physical health, addressing various well-being dimensions.
  • Customer Focus: The platform boasts awards and mentions user satisfaction with customization options.

Wellable Pricing 

Wellable offers two main pricing tiers: Self-directed programs start at $3.00 per user per month, with a minimum billing of 25 users. Full-Service programs start at $2.00 per employee per month, with a minimum billing of 500 employees.

4. Vantage Fit

Launched in 2014, VantageFit offers a suite of tools to promote employee wellness. While it boasts features like fitness tracking and goal setting, some user reviews point to potential shortcomings. Cost appears to be a recurring concern, with several users mentioning it being too expensive, particularly for individuals on a budget. Additionally, a few reviewers found the content repetitive or lacking depth, suggesting it might not cater to all user needs. Despite these drawbacks, VantageFit remains a popular option for companies seeking to implement a wellness program for their employees. 

Vantage Fit dashboard

Below are some features of Vantage Fit  

  1. Tracks health metrics: Vantage Fit offers tools to monitor employee health data.
  2. Varied challenges: The platform includes different fitness challenges beyond just steps.
  3. Easy device integration: Vantage Fit supposedly connects seamlessly with various wearables and platforms.

Vantage Fit Pricing 

Vantage Fit offers 3 plans. A one-time plan that starts at $1350, a Standard plan at an annual cost of $2400, and the Enterprise plan with all the features starts at $3000. All these are for the minimum number of users which is 50. There is an additional $1000 one-time set-up fee as well. 

5. Wellright 

Founded in 2013, WellRight provides a platform designed to enhance corporate wellness programs.  While it offers a comprehensive suite of features, including health coaching and challenges, user experience can be a sticking point.  Some reviewers mention difficulty navigating the platform, particularly with the app.  Inactive buttons and a clunky interface were cited as sources of frustration, suggesting the app might require improvement to match the quality of the website.  Despite these shortcomings, WellRight remains a well-regarded option for businesses seeking to invest in employee well-being.  

Wellright dashboard
Wellright dashboard

Below are some features of Wellright 

  • Customization: WellRight offers some flexibility for employers to adapt the platform to their existing tools and potentially fit their company culture.
  • Individualized Approach: The platform provides features that cater to each user’s preferences, though the effectiveness of this personalization is unclear.
  • Coaching Integration: WellRight integrates with coaching services, potentially offering additional support for employees, although the impact is undetermined.

Wellright Pricing 

Wellright comes with an opaque pricing model and requires one to contact the team and a custom quote will be given based on the number of users enrolled in the program, program features, and the desired level of support.

Choosing the right Virgin Pulse alternative 

If you are looking for a Virgin Pulse alternative, there is a good chance it could be due to high costs, lack luster support or any of the platform issues mentioned in the start. If that’s true then transparent pricing and good support would be the first problems you would be looking to solve.

With the current dicey economic conditions fueling employee anxiety, employee wellness programs is a great step to help improve employee wellbeing and improve team productivity. The above Virgin Pulse alternatives can be a good option to meet your needs. Each has its unique set of capabilities and pricing structure. However, if you are looking for something that can seamlessly replace Virgin Pulse with excellent support, an easy to use interface and competitive pricing then Wellness360 is an excellent option. 

Getting started with Wellness360 

Getting started with Wellness360 is easy. Simply sign up for our free trial or schedule a demo to have a conversation.

Wishing you luck in your quest to find the right Virgin Pulse alternative!