Single Sign-On for Wellness Platforms

Wellness360’s SSO integration allows employees to log in to the corporate wellness platform and the MyHealthPlus mobile app only once with one set of credentials. It improves the security of the user portal and makes it convenient for users without having to log in every time using their credentials. Also, SSO integration offers several advantages for both, the employees and employers.

Wellness360’s SSO Partners

To ensure the highest degree of user data protection, privacy, and security, Wellness360 has collaborated with 3 major SSO solution partners.


Protects users with consistent security policies that adapt to their behavior. The built-in security tools like Okta Insights allow automatic identification and blocking of malicious login attempts across the network.


OneLogin’s SSO solution allows easy sharing of access to applications among multiple users. They do not have to give out their credentials. This is especially helpful when new people join the employee wellness program. Also, it is critical for ensuring data security when employees leave your organization.

Microsoft Azure

With the end-users enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions, Microsoft Azure allows managing user identities and permissions, all from a single point. Azure AD SSO automatically signs users into their wellness program account. It simplifies the management of user IDs and passwords, for employees and program administrators.

Benefits of SSO Integration with Wellness Platforms

Integrating your corporate wellness platform with the right SSO service and wellness technology is crucial to maintaining privacy, data security, and convenience. Here are some common benefits of integrating SSO with your employee wellness portal.

  • Mitigate security risks
  • Eases password fatigue
  • Streamlines user experience
  • Aligns with Regulatory Compliance

Mitigate Security Risks

Having just one set of login credentials improves the security blanket invariably. By combining SSO with risk-based authentication (RBA), employees can use their SSO credentials on any device using any web browser without worrying about risking security. More importantly, it reduces the attack surfaces and password thefts.

Eases Password Fatigue

Remembering unique passwords for different accounts can be confusing for users. However, having the same password for all accounts can be risky. With SSO integration, users will not have to worry about remembering the passwords and using them every time they log in.

Streamlines User Experience

One of the best advantages of SSO integration is that it enhances employee experience on the Wellness360 platform. Without the need for repeated logins and reauthentication, SSO integration allows users to enjoy a contemporary digital experience. Moreover, employers can revel in the boosted employee engagement of their employee wellness programs.

Aligns with Regulatory Compliance

SSO integrations can help with regulatory compliance too. Many user data protection and privacy regulations like HIPAA require efficient authentication of users and auto-logoff of users. SSO solutions of Wellness360 enable and align with these requirements, ensuring higher data protection and security.

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