Mental Wellness For Employee Wellbeing

Feeling the strain of a stressed-out workforce? Improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and boost overall wellbeing with Wellness360’s comprehensive mental health resources

Mental Wellness Resources

Mental wellness issues have been on the rise. It has evidently affected employee wellbeing in many ways. Poor mental health has impacted employee engagement, productivity, absenteeism, and overall business growth. And so, prioritizing employee mental wellness has become vital.

Research shows employee mental health is affected due to several reasons. A study conducted to understand the impact of stress during the pandemic revealed certain vital factors influencing employee mental health and overall wellbeing.

The stats clearly show how important it is to focus on mental wellbeing, and so many organizations have started taking measures to address them. According to a WHO-led study, every dollar invested in addressing employee mental health can give a return of $4 in improved productivity and health.

Employee Mental Wellbeing Interventions

Businesses have a huge role and responsibility to support the health and wellbeing of their workforce. With the right employee wellness programs, employers must extend their support by providing easily accessible tools and resources for everyone in need. Incorporating mental health interventions as an integral part of their employee wellness programs is the key to promoting better mental health for all employees.

  • Healthy workplace culture
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • DEI Programs
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Mental Health Resources

Wellness360 understands how crucial employee mental health is for holistic wellbeing, and so, as a part of our workplace wellness programs, we offer world-class mental wellbeing tools and resources by partnering with Healbright. Being the ace of mental wellbeing resources in the corporate wellness market, Healbright offers a wide array of on-demand modern tools that make emotional wellness engaging and accessible.

State-of-Art Therapeutic Techniques

Gain instant access to verified therapeutic techniques and hundreds of videos from the library, along with mindfulness tools that focus on total mind and body wellbeing. From meditation to neuroscience and psychology, the tools cover different wellness topics.

Expert Therapists

Teaching science-backed skills taught primarily during therapy sessions, Healbright’s expert therapists make sure wellbeing is easily achieved, considering employees’ comfort and flexibility. Overcome daily battles of stress and stressors with a phenomenal balance of guidance and science to live a holistic life.

Seamless Access

Get 24 x 7 seamless access to on-demand mental wellness tools and a video library with hundreds of mental health content to drive engagement and gain an exceptional ROI with lower healthcare costs and higher productivity.

Mental health issues can affect anyone, irrespective of age, culture, and income levels. The COVID-19 pandemic has declined employee mental wellbeing due to social isolation and remote working regulations, impacting workplace productivity and overall wellbeing. Integrating employee mental wellbeing initiatives in their workplace wellness programs to empower their workforce can reflect better ROI and success. Offering the right resources and educating employees about mental health, without the social stigma and taboo is the key to improving their holistic health.

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