Make Informed Decisions with Population Health Insights

Gain a clear view of your population’s health and well-being with the Wellness360 Executive Dashboard. Our comprehensive suite of insights empowers you to make data-driven decisions to improve employee health outcomes and program effectiveness.

Feature Highlights​

Actionable population health insights at a glance

Get a quick and easy overview of your population’s health with our intuitive dashboard. See key metrics like health risk factors, engagement rates, and program participation, all in one place.

Understand your population health distribution

Gain insights into how your population is distributed across different health grades. Use this information to identify areas of strength and target interventions for improvement.

Proactively identify potential health risks

Our dashboard provides over 10 key insights into potential health risks within your population. Use this information to prioritize your well-being initiatives and allocate resources effectively.

Feature Benefits

Make data-driven decisions

Get the insights you need to make informed choices about your employee wellness programs.

Improve program effectiveness

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Reduce healthcare costs

By proactively identifying and addressing health risks, you can help to lower healthcare costs for your organization.



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