Comparing the Top 5 Wellable Alternatives in 2024

Wellable is a popular employee wellness platform in the corporate wellness space, designed to improve employees’ overall health and well-being. However, some users find it expensive and lacks a few features. In this post, we will explore the top 5 Wellable alternatives, assisting you in selecting the optimal choice for your company’s wellness programs.

Pain Points of Wellable

While Wellable aims to enhance wellness through various integrations, user reviews highlight significant issues. First, users find it challenging to manage separate apps for tracking activities like food and exercise. Second, the app’s interface is not user-friendly, and infrequent syncing makes it difficult to reliably track their wellness progress. Finally, the setup process is complicated, especially for less tech-savvy users, which complicates initial adoption. To better support wellness efforts and remain competitive in the corporate wellness market, Wellable should prioritize improving connectivity, enhancing interface usability, and simplifying the setup process.

If you’re facing any of the issues mentioned with Wellable or have other concerns, it could be helpful to evaluate alternatives.

List of Top Wellable Alternatives

  1. Wellness360
  2. Movespring
  3. Vantage Fit
  4. Wellright
  5. Virgin Pulse

1. Wellness360

Wellness360  is the first Wellable alternative. It offers a suite of features designed to empower employee well-being. These include activity tracking to monitor physical fitness progress, personalized wellness journeys tailored to individual health goals, and health assessments that provide comprehensive health insights. To keep users engaged, Wellness360 incorporates several features. These include social interaction features that foster a sense of community, gamified challenges that motivate participation, and a content hub offering educational articles, videos, and even live events. Additionally, the platform supports real-time data tracking, centralized program management controls, and a streamlined dashboard interface for ease of use and efficient administration.

Wellness360 Dashboard

Below are some features of Wellness360

  • Holistic Wellness Awareness: Wellness360 provides an array of educational tools, such as on-demand classes, tailored wellness journeys, health assessments, and a comprehensive information center.
  • Interactive Wellness: The platform features activity tracking, social interactions, habit-forming challenges, educational events, and easy integration with fitness apps.
  • Rewards & Incentives: Motivate users with personalized dashboards, gamified interactions, and incentive programs to recognize achievements and other wellness goals.
  • Seamless Management: Efficient controls and live reporting dashboards (providing both executive oversight and detailed program insights) to guarantee smooth management and evaluation of wellness initiatives.

Wellness360 Pricing

Wellness360 uses a tiered PEPM pricing structure that varies with user count, with costs ranging from $4 to $1.25 per user per month. The platform also offers a free trial, enabling users to explore its features firsthand.

2. MoveSpring

MoveSpring, a digital health engagement platform founded in 2014, was purchased by Reward Gateway in 2022. It provides an enjoyable and user-friendly platform for corporate wellness challenges, yet users face several issues. These issues include its higher cost compared to other wellness platforms and recurring synchronization problems with widely used fitness trackers such as Samsung Health. Despite these drawbacks, MoveSpring continues to be a practical choice for organizations aiming to incorporate gamified employee wellness programs, with offerings including social challenges and educational resources.

MoveSpring Dashboard

Below are some features of MoveSpring

  • Challenges & Activities: MoveSpring keeps things interesting with a variety of pre-designed options to get your employees moving.
  • Inclusive Access: It supports a wide variety of wearables and smartphone trackers, catering to diverse preferences and devices.
  • Admin-Friendly Management: The platform features an integrated portal designed for intuitive program management.

MoveSpring Pricing

MoveSpring offers flexible pricing to fit your needs. For short-term challenges, they have flat fees starting at $2,000, with an additional cost of $10 per employee. If you’re looking for a longer-term solution, they have annual subscriptions that start at $2,400 per year, with an additional $3 per user per month. These plans increase in price depending on the features you need and the size of your company.

3. Vantage Fit

In 2014, Vantage Fit emerged as a platform packed with tools to empower companies to build employee wellness programs. Features like fitness tracking and goal setting help keep employees engaged and motivated on their wellness journeys. However, some users have mixed feelings. While it is popular among businesses, a few drawbacks have been mentioned. The cost has been a concern for some users, particularly those with limited budgets. The content library has also received some critiques, with reviewers finding it repetitive or lacking the depth needed to truly engage everyone. Despite these potential drawbacks, Vantage Fit remains a popular choice for businesses seeking to prioritize employee well-being.

Vantage Fit Dashboard

Below are some features of Vantage Fit

  • Tracks health metrics: Vantage Fit goes beyond basic step tracking, providing a holistic view of your employees’ health data. This allows you to gain valuable insights into their overall well-being.
  • Varied challenges: They offer a variety of options beyond just walking, catering to different interests and fitness levels.
  • Easy device integration: Vantage Fit effortlessly connects with a wide range of wearables and platforms.

Vantage Fit Pricing

Vantage Fit provides a choice of three plans: a one-time option starting at $1,350, an annual standard plan priced at $2,400, and an enterprise plan starting at $3,000. These rates are applicable for a minimum of 50 users and include an additional setup fee of $1,000.

4. Wellright

Launched in 2013, WellRight empowers companies to take their wellness programs to the next level. It offers a robust set of features, including health coaching and challenges to keep employees engaged. However, the user experience, especially on the mobile app, needs some work. Several reviewers mentioned difficulties navigating the app, with frustrations like inactive buttons and a cluttered interface. While the website seems well-designed, the app needs an upgrade to match its quality and ensure a smooth user experience across all platforms. Despite this drawback, WellRight remains a respected choice for companies prioritizing employee well-being.

Wellright Dashboard

Below are some features of Wellright

  • Customization: WellRight lets employers customize the platform to fit existing tools and company culture, ensuring a smooth integration.
  • Individualized Approach: WellRight strives to cater to individual preferences, but the effectiveness of this personalization needs further evaluation.
  • Coaching Integration: Integration with coaching services provides extra support for employees, although the specific benefits require a clearer definition.

Wellright Pricing

WellRight employs an opaque pricing approach, requiring potential employers to directly communicate with their team to obtain a personalized quote. The final cost varies based on factors such as the number of participants, selected program features, and the level of support desired by the employer.

5. Virgin Pulse

Launched in 2004 under Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, Virgin Pulse (now Personify Health after its acquisition by Healthcomp in 2023) has become a prominent name in corporate wellness. They focus on boosting employee well-being and engagement through a suite of tools like fitness tracking, personalized health assessments, goal setting, and engaging challenges that encourage healthy habits. However, some users find the interface clunky and difficult to navigate. Additionally, syncing issues with other fitness apps have been reported, including slow syncing times, bugs, and a lack of automatic updates requiring manual intervention. Despite these drawbacks, Virgin Pulse remains a popular choice for companies looking to invest in employee health and happiness.

Virgin Pulse Dashboard

Below are some features of Virgin Pulse

  • Activity Tracking: Virgin Pulse offers activity tracking for employees, promoting proactive health management.
  • Health Coaching: The platform provides customized coaching to support employees in setting and attaining their wellness goals.
  • Collaboration Tools: Enhances teamwork and participation in wellness programs.

Virgin Pulse Pricing

Virgin Pulse’s packages are tailored to various organizational needs and sizes. The Kick-Start package, costing £145, is for small teams or companies with up to 500 employees. The GO package, starting at £10,070, is intended for larger organizations with over 190 employees. For teams with more than 1000 members, the Ignite Global package starts at £13,560, and the Engage Global package begins at £18,840. 

Choosing the Right Wellable Alternative

If you’re exploring alternatives to Wellable, it’s likely due to issues about the high prices, insufficient support, or platform issues previously mentioned. Acknowledging these concerns means prioritizing transparent pricing and dependable support.

During times of economic uncertainty that elevate employee anxiety, incorporating effective wellness programs is vital for improving the overall well-being of employees. The Wellable alternatives discussed above offer options specifically tailored to your needs, each with distinct features and pricing models. Nevertheless, if you desire a seamless transition from Wellable, coupled with exceptional support, an intuitive interface, and competitive pricing, Wellness360 stands out as an excellent choice.

Getting started with Wellness360

Begin with Wellness360 by signing up for our free trial or scheduling a demo to start the conversation.

Best of luck in finding the perfect alternative to Wellable!

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