Comparing the Top 5 MoveSpring Alternatives in 2024

Comparing the Top 5 MoveSpring Alternatives in 2024

MoveSpring is a familiar name in the employee wellness market. While it enhances employee health, some users find it lacks specific features. This post dives into the five top MoveSpring alternatives, each having unique features and pricing models. Let’s navigate these options and find the perfect match to supercharge your company’s wellness program!

Pain Points of MoveSpring

While Movespring offers various programs designed to improve employee wellness, user reviews reveal several issues that impact their experience. These issues include unexpected costs, compatibility issues with popular devices, unclear pricing, and outdated activity tracking tools. By addressing these pain points, Movespring can ensure its wellness programs are truly user-friendly, fostering a more positive user experience, and ultimately achieving their intended impact on employee well-being.

If you encounter any of the issues mentioned with MoveSpring or have other concerns, consider exploring the alternative employee wellness platforms listed below.

List of Top MoveSpring Alternatives

  1. Wellness360
  2. Wellable
  3. Vantage Fit
  4. Wellright
  5. Virgin Pulse


Wellness360 is a robust employee wellness platform and stands out among MoveSpring alternatives. It provides a complete set of features aimed at enhancing employee well-being. The platform offers tools for monitoring physical activity, creating customized wellness journeys aligned with individual health targets, and performing detailed health assessments. To sustain user engagement, Wellness360 includes social features that cultivate a healthy workplace and gamified challenges that encourage participation. Additionally, it offers a content hub filled with educational articles, videos, and live events. Moreover, Wellness360 equips administrators with capabilities for real-time data tracking, centralized program management, and a user-friendly dashboard for efficient administration. This blend of features delivers a holistic wellness experience for employees. 

Wellness360 Dashboard

Below are some features of Wellness360

  • Holistic Wellness Awareness: Wellness360 moves beyond generic information by empowering employees with on-demand classes, customized wellness plans, and comprehensive health assessments. This data-driven approach enables individuals to take control of their well-being.
  • Interactive Wellness: Wellness360 keeps employees motivated and connected through activity tracking, social features, and habit-forming challenges. Seamless integration with fitness apps ensures that wellness becomes a natural part of their routine.
  • Rewards & Incentives: Wellness360 celebrates achievements and milestones with personalized dashboards and well-designed reward programs that acknowledge success. These features keep users engaged in their wellness journey.
  • Seamless Management: Wellness360 provides administrators with efficient management tools and live reporting dashboards, offering both a high-level overview and detailed program analytics. This ensures smooth execution and effective measurement of employee well-being initiatives.

Wellness360 Pricing

Wellness360 provides flexible pricing tailored to your team size. The tiered price per employee per month (PEPM) structure ranges from $4 – $1.25 per user, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, the platform allows you to explore the platform’s features with its free trial.

2. Wellable

Wellable aims to enhance employee wellness, but user feedback highlights significant challenges. Users struggle with managing multiple apps for tracking activities like food and exercise, which disrupts their experience. The app’s interface isn’t intuitive, and irregular syncing makes progress tracking unreliable and difficult to maintain. The setup process is complex, especially for less tech-savvy users, creating a barrier to entry. To excel in corporate wellness and support employee well-being effectively, Wellable should focus on improving app integration, enhancing user interface design, and simplifying setup procedures.

Wellable Dashboard

Below are some features of Wellable

  • Customization: Wellable empowers organizations to create customized wellness programs that perfectly align with their specific needs and goals.
  • Holistic Approach: It addresses various dimensions of well-being, fostering a more comprehensive approach to employee health.
  • Customer Focus: The platform highlights rewards and mentions user satisfaction with its customization features.

Wellable Pricing

Wellable provides two program options to meet varying organizational needs and budgets. Their self-directed plans start at $3.00 per user per month (minimum 25 participants). Alternatively, full-service programs begin at $2.00 per employee per month (minimum 500 employees).

3. Vantage Fit

Since its launch in 2014, Vantage Fit has equipped companies with tools to boost employee well-being, offering features such as fitness tracking and goal setting to empower individuals to manage their health. Feedback from users indicates areas for enhancement, notably in cost-effectiveness, which some find prohibitive, particularly those mindful of budget constraints. Moreover, a few users have noted repetitive content that may not sufficiently address diverse needs. Nonetheless, VantageFit continues to attract companies seeking to establish effective corporate wellness initiatives.

Vantage Fit Dashboard

Below are some features of Vantage Fit

  • Tracks health metrics: Vantage Fit tracks a wide range of health metrics, offering insights into employee well-being.
  • Varied challenges: It offers diverse challenges beyond walking, catering to varied interests and fitness levels.
  • Easy device integration: It integrates with multiple wearables and platforms for easy engagement.

Vantage Fit Pricing

Vantage Fit offers flexible pricing to fit various budgets and team sizes: a one-time trial fee of $1,350 (minimum 50 users), an annual plan at $2,400 (minimum 50 users), and an enterprise option starting at $3,000 per year (minimum 50 users). All plans include a $1,000 setup fee for smooth onboarding.

4. Wellright

Launched in 2013, WellRight empowers companies to supercharge their wellness programs and stands out among MoveSpring alternatives. Their feature set, including health coaching and engaging challenges, is a recipe for employee motivation. However, user feedback reveals a critical area for improvement: the mobile app’s user experience. Many users struggle with navigation, encountering inactive buttons and a cluttered interface. To ensure a seamless experience across platforms, WellRight needs to prioritize a mobile app revamp that mirrors the quality of its website. Despite this shortcoming, they remain a respected partner for companies committed to employee well-being.

Wellright Dashboard

Below are some features of Wellright

  • Customization: WellRight aligns seamlessly with your existing tools, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum adoption.
  • Individualized Approach: While WellRight strives for personalized user experiences, ongoing evaluation is essential to refine customization that meets individual needs and preferences effectively.
  • Coaching Integration: It extends support through integrated coaching services, enhancing employee assistance. 

Wellright Pricing

WellRight differs from its competitors by not providing transparent pricing upfront. To receive a quote, reaching out to their sales team is necessary. The total cost will vary based on factors such as user count, selected program features, and the level of ongoing support needed.

5. Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse, under Virgin Group, was acquired by Healthcomp in 2023 and rebranded as Personify Health. It has been a leader in corporate wellness since 2004. They focus on empowering employees with tools like fitness tracking, personalized health assessments, goal setting, and engaging challenges to foster healthy habits and enhance well-being. User feedback highlights interface navigation challenges and syncing issues with fitness apps, including slow updates and bugs. Despite these issues, Virgin Pulse remains a top choice for companies investing in employee health and happiness.

Virgin Pulse Dashboard

Below are some features of Virgin Pulse

  • Activity Tracking: Virgin Pulse equips employees with tools for tracking activities, simplifying proactive health management.
  • Health Coaching: Their personalized coaching provides specific advice tailored to individual wellness goals, enhancing goal achievement.
  • Collaboration Tools: Enhance team morale and engagement, promoting motivation and accountability among colleagues.

Virgin Pulse Pricing

Virgin Pulse’s tailored packages fit various organizational sizes and needs. The Kick-Start option, priced at £145, is ideal for small teams or companies new to corporate wellness, providing a cost-effective entry point. The GO package, starting at £10,070, offers a more comprehensive solution for larger organizations seeking extensive well-being support. For teams with over 1000 members, Virgin Pulse offers two global packages: Ignite Global starts at £13,560, while Engage Global starts at £18,840, catering to diverse global needs and challenges.

Choosing the Right MoveSpring Alternative

Considering alternatives to MoveSpring often arises from concerns about high expenses, inadequate support, or technical challenges. In the current economic landscape, where employee well-being is a critical focus, a robust wellness program holds significant value. We’ve examined several MoveSpring alternatives, each presenting distinctive features and pricing structures tailored to varying organizational needs.

For those prioritizing a seamless shift from MoveSpring and seeking exceptional support, intuitive functionality, and competitive pricing, Wellness360 emerges as a compelling choice. Its comprehensive approach to employee wellness aligns well with the demands of modern workplaces, ensuring effective support and a user-friendly experience.

Getting started with Wellness360

Start your journey to a healthier workplace with Wellness360. Explore our free trial or schedule a demo to see how we can meet your needs.

We wish you success in your search for a suitable replacement for MoveSpring!

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