COVID-19 Workplace Solutions

Employee Health and Workplace Safety

Back-to-Work Transition Approaches

With our core purpose being enhancing employee health and workplace wellness, Wellness360 has come up with a simple COVID-19 Self-Assessment tool. Accessible through our employee wellness programs, the tool allows your employees to take daily assessments to know their risk status and decide if it is safe for them to return to the workplace yet. Based on the outcomes, employers can plan their back-to-work transition strategies.


Workplace reopening solutions for employee safety and workplace wellness

  • Follow safety guidelines and wellness measures in COVID-19
  • Engage in the available tools and resources
  • Real-time data to track population risk levels
  • Promote a healthy and safe workplace culture

Our COVID-19 Safety Solutions

Daily Symptom Tracker

The daily symptom tracker gives insights into the possible risk levels. Employees can take the assessment before coming to work, track their symptoms, and decide their return-to-workplace safety status. This can limit COVID-19 exposure and reduce spread through employees with known symptoms.

Administrative Portal

The wellness program administrator can create, send, and access notifications, review aggregate risk reports, symptom statistics, and other on-demand reports from the COVID-19 assessment tool dashboard of the administrative portal.

On-Site Thermal Screenings

Working together with our screening vendors, we offer on-site no contact thermal screenings to detect temperature variations, a vital COVID-19 symptom. The temperature readings can help in planning the employee return-to-workplace strategy.

COVID-19 Resources

Our free COVID-19 resource guide provides accurate information about the COVID-19 facts, safety guidelines, and also the latest coronavirus updates from credible sources like WHO and CDC.

With quick access to the simple COVID-19 self-assessment tool from the wellness portal, employees can take their assessment effortlessly, and get their reports immediately to decide if it is safe to return to the workplace. On the other hand, employers can track the aggregate risk data in the tracking tool and draft an effective itinerary to ensure employee safety and workplace wellness.

Daily Symptom Tracker Features

Responsive Portal

Built using advanced technology and intuitive design, the responsive portal allows taking the assessment across all devices.

Timely Communication

Email and push notifications can be sent to the employees, reminding them to take their daily assessment, and analyze the outcomes for safety findings.

Instant Reports

Saving your time, the user-input based real-time reports allow employees to quickly analyze their risk levels and make safety decisions.

Safety Status

The prompt outcomes allow employees to know their risk status and safety findings, to decide if they should stay home or return to the workplace.


Administrative Portal

From their administrative portal, the wellness program administrator can review the alerts and outcomes of the COVID-19 daily symptom tracker and the assessments.

  • Schedule alerts or notifications for symptom tracking and assessment.
  • Review the assessment results, risk levels, and other outcomes.
  • Track the safety status of high-risk and low-risk employees.
  • Daily on-demand instantaneous reports for quick safety analysis.

On-Site Thermal Screenings

Together with our screening partners, Wellness360 offers on-site no-contact thermal screenings to your employees. The temperature screenings are a vital COVID-19 symptom tracker and the readings can help in knowing the possible risk levels. Based on these temperature data, employees and employers can plan their back-to-workplace safety strategies.

COVID-19 Resources

Putting together valuable information from credible sources like WHO and CDC, we provide a free COVID-19 resource guide. This guide talks about the safety guidelines, coronavirus facts, sources to know the current global updates about the pandemic, and offers other helpful information.

Log into your admin portal for your company’s assessment and symptom tracker data.